Trendy Trendy Trendy


Glider / Electric Glider


Wingspan: 174 cm
Length: 107 cm
Profile: SD7055


Kit Weight: 380 g

Wing Loading

Wing Area: 29.8 dm²


Crow Braking
Optional Electric Motor


135.- EUR
Posting and Packing extra)


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The Trendy is an ideal aileron trainer. The balanced feel of this model will please the beginner and expert alike. The Almost Ready to Fly (ARF) kit is typical of the well-known FVK quality. This ready built model with stable flight characteristics makes the model the ideal choice. The model is delivered almost complete except for the installation of the R/C components. The white GRP fuselage has a removable nose cone. The two-piece polyhedral built up wings are delivered completely built and covered, the wing joiner is installed and the wings are covered in a multicoloured design in Oracover. The aileron are cut and hinged, the wing servo boxes are installed and the servo cables are fitted. The Vee tail halves plug into the fuselage and are removable for ease of transport. Due to the high degree of pre-fabrication, the model can be completed in only a few hours. The Trendy can be flown as a glider or electric model. The model can also be delivered with a classic fuselage with a canopy in either glider or electric versions. The model can also be ordered with a cruciform tailplane
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