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Sprite Hot
 Glider / Elektro
 Wingspan: 2,00m
Length: 1,32m
Kit weight: from 530 g
Flying weight: from
Wing Loading:
  Total surface area: 36,5dm²
Rudder / Elevator
Ailerons / Flaps / Motor
Price GFK / CFK
 Posting and Packing extra)
Hotline: 01 70 - 2 36 30 30
Telefon: 06 31 - 350 89 20
Fax: 06 31 - 350 89 21

Manufacturer details
We reserve the right to change technical specifications and alter prices without prior notification.

The Sprite HOT is a highly efficient 2-metre model that is equally at home on the slope or thermal soaring on a flat field. The combination of low weight with the highly efficient AG40/41/42/43 wing section and the ability to carry ballast ensures the model has a wide speed range and an excellent soaring ability in a wide range of weather conditions. The 2 degrees of dihedral combined with the wide chord flaps and ailerons produces an agile model that is outstanding at flat field thermal soaring in more turbulent conditions or for pure soaring on the slope. The flaps allow camber changing of the wing section for all phases of flight and crow braking for those precision landings.

The Kevlar fuselage is 2.4 GHz friendly and is fitted with a carbon canopy complete with an integrated catch. The wing is mounted on a streamlined pylon to reduce drag. The removable tailplane and two-piece wings make the Sprite easy to transport.

The model is highly pre-fabricated and is delivered with the carbon tail boom, ballast tube and tailplane mount ready fitted to the fuselage. The bowden linkages and the tailplane bell-crank linkage are factory installed. The only work required to finish the model apart from the radio installation is to glue the fin into the tailplane mount and fit the rudder horn.

The Sprite HOT is available with an Electric fuselage. The low overall weight and superb aerodynamic efficiency produce an electric model with outstanding thermal soaring capabilities which allows the boundaries of soaring flight to be explored where it would be difficult to launch from a winch or tow line.

Ballast Sets are available as spare parts.

A Carbon wing version is available for those pilots who wish to push the boundaries further.

Sprite Hot-Hotliner-Thermik-Ridge soaring

The Ballast set for Sprite HOT Carbon is designed for slope soaring and Dynamic soaring.

The maximum ballast of 750g can be used only for the CARBON version of Sprite HOT.

The Ballast is assembled on the wire cable, which makes possible for ballast to be flexible making it easier to fit into the ballast tube.

The ballast has several fixings to facilitate trim changes.

Components of the ballast set are:

 1) Aluminium slugs - 16mm diameter with a length of 50mm - 4 pcs;

2) Brass slugs - 18mm diameter with a length of 52mm - 6 pcs;

3) Brass slugs - 22mm diameter with a length of 45mm - 2 pcs;

4) Screws for fixing the ballast into the fuselage. (Plus one spare screw);

5) Hexagon Allen Key for the screws.


Typical Ballast weights for the SPRITE HOT CARBON
For a model with a flying weight of 960g:

 Ballast weight =: 750g
Wing loading: 46.84 g/dm2

 Ballast weight =: 620g
Wing loading: 43.28 g/dm2

 Ballast weight =: 462g
Wing loading: 38.95 g/dm2

 Ballast weight = 308g
Wing loading: 34.70 g/dm2

 Technical Data

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Technical questions should be addressed to:-
Brian Anderson Tel: **44 191 3887649
Technical questions