Graphite Fully Moulded F3J


High tech "D" Box structure
Wingspan: 3,45 m
Length: 1,53 m
Profile: MH-32
Kit Weight: ab 1100 g
Wing Loading
Wing Area (total): 75,5 dm²
Flaps and Ailerons
Crow Braking
Optional Electric Fuselage
(Posting and Packing extra)
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Now available with Cruciform Tailplane (D-Box Tailplane)

Graphite "D" Box 3,45 metre span with fully built up flying surfaces, available with either Glider or Electric fuselage.

The "D" Box Graphite is the super floater you have always dreamed of and it offers a new dimension in large lightweight Soarers. At 3,45 metre span the model has a kit weight of "only" 1100g. The slim Carbon / Kevlar fuselage has removable nose cone and inner nose boot. The "D" Box Graphite has raised the standards to a new level, and reaches levels previously unequalled in strength versus weight.
The three-piece wings and removable Vee tail ensure the model is easy to transport. The wing panels are constructed in an open rib "D" Box structure, each of the selected balsa ribs is fitted with a carbon cap strip, the Carbon / Kevlar "D"-Box and Carbon Spars combine to produce an extremely strong and rigid wing. The flaps and ailerons are knuckle jointed with three-point hinging for aerodynamic efficiency and low overall weight. The wings are covered in Oracover and are designed for competition style launches by winch or two-man tow. The two-piece removable Vee tailplane is of similar construction to the wing. This model is the culmination of many years of experience in this type of construction. The MH32 wing section gives the model an extremely wide speed range and excellent thermal flight characteristics. The handling is outstanding and the model will hold a turn as if it were on rails but will change direction at will due to the lightweight tip panels.
The Graphite is a pure joy to fly. !!!!!!!!! An electric fuselage with a removable nose cone and integrated battery holder has been available for some time, but we have recently introduced a new Electric "D" Box Vee Tailplane is designed to accommodate micro servos for direct linkage to the elevators.

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