Graphite GFK/CFK


 A Full Moulded model
 Wingspan: 310 cm
Length: 153 cm
Profile: MH-32
Kit weight: 1390/1460 g
Wing Loading
Total area: 68,5 dm²
Flaps and AileronsC
row Brakes
Optional Electric Fuselage
Full GFK 695.-€
CFK 795.-€

(Posting and Packing extra)
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Now available with Vee Tailplane (Fully Moulded Tailplane)

Fully Moulded Graphite in GFK or Carbon. Optional Glider or Electric Fuselage available.Following the huge success of the "Standard" and "Competition" versions of the Graphite, we now offer a Fully Moulded version in GFK or CFK variants. The fuselage is constructed from a special Carbon / Kevlar cloth to produce an extremely strong and light fuselage. The Three-piece wings are made to the highest criteria and have an elliptical plan form with curved tips. The wing is a hollow moulding in glass fibre with carbon spars. A Carbon skinned wing is available to special order. In both the "GFK and CFK" versions the flaps and ailerons have full width circular carbon wipers. An outstanding competition model, suitable for the expert or the sport pilot.

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