Bandit  Bandit  Bandit



Wingspan:          140cm
Length:                 85cm
Profile: RG 14


  Kit Weight: 450 g

Wing Loading

Wing Area: 24,2 dm² Wing


Aileron Braking
Optional Electric Motor


185.- EUR
Posting and Packing extra)


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With a wingspan of 1.4 metres the Bandit 2 will captivate you from the very first flight. This high performance Mini Hotliner will delight you with its speed and agility. The RG 14 Wing Profile gives the model outstanding flight characteristics when flown from the flat field or from the slope. The model fast and manoeuvrable, but will thermal when in good lift.

The Epoxy GRP fuselage has a wide GRP Canopy giving easy access for the battery. The mounting holes for the wing and tailplane are pre-drilled and tapped and the motor mount is fitted to the electric fuselage. The fuselage is designed to allow the elevator servo to be mounted in the base of the fin.
The Two-piece Obechie veneered foam wings are strengthened with glass cloth, the wing servo wells are machined and the ailerons are cut and hinged.
The wingtips are pressed into a gentle upswept curve, not only improving the looks but also the overall flight performance. The Balsa tailplane and elevator
are finished ready to bolt onto the fuselage.
The model is delivered ready built and covered only requiring the installation of the Radio Control and Electric flight equipment and can be completed in a few hours.
The Wings and Tailplane are removable for ease of transport.
This mini Hotliner will surprise you with its outstanding looks and performance.

The model can be powered by one of the popular 400 series of Geared Brushless motors or an Outer Runner Brushless motor. These lightweight drives will produce near vertical climbs and a sparkling performance.

A Glider fuselage is available for those who enjoy slope soaring

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